Students Tour to Rio Verde Water Consortium Inc.


Bringing lessons into reality is an avenue for the students to appreciate the subject. It would boosts students knowledge on what is really happening in the actual field.

Last August 25, 2011, the College of Engineering in cooperation with the JPICE, and participations of JIECEP and JPSME together with Engr. Genevieve A. Gabule, Engr. Felrose E. Maravillas and Engr. Redemptor P. Ladica went to Baungon Bukidnon to visit Rio Verde Water Consortium a private company that supplies water to some of the districts in Cagayan de Oro City.

Students learned that water distributed by Cagayan de Oro Water District is also coming from Bubunawan River; a river that is connected to Mt. Kitanglad Cordillera Ranges Bukidnon, classified as class A river with an average annual discharge of 1.5 million cubic meters per day and 10% of it was taken by Rio Verde Consortium Plant and conveyed to the Cagayan de Oro water district after its treatment . Many more knowledge were gained by the students from the said visit especially the student’s appreciation on the value of nature and its big role in the survival of humanity.

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