College of Engineering Participated the University’s Freshmen Welcome Assembly 2011


The College of Engineering took active participation in welcoming the freshmen and transferees to the Capitol University Family. It started at exactly 7:30 in the morning with a red mass and followed by the vivacious  program which introduces the Administration, Deans and Heads , faculties, non- teaching staffs ,  Student Body Organization Officers and RCO’s officers.

During the affair the University President, Atty. Casimiro B. Juarez Jr. shared the 4 Core Values to the freshmen and transferees; to instil in their lives  the Capitolian mark, of being respectful to others especially those persons in authority. Which was previously mentioned by Dr. Fe R. Juarez,  the executive Vice President.

The assembly ended exactly 11:30 am with the singing of the song entitled : Welcome to the Family.

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