College of Engineering Recognize Campus Organizations (RCO) Team Building


The Engineering Student Body Organization together with the JPICE, JIECEP and JPSME holds a TEAMBUILDING activity.  A  gathering of all Engineering officers to promote unity, camaraderie and harmonious relationship with each other.

TheTeamBuilding held last June 11, 2011 at the Engineering Drawing Room,  started at 9:00 in the morning, consisted of activities like inspirational messages, opening remarks, lunch together and games.  Quenie Mae Bañez was the master of ceremony.

The activity started with an opening prayer by Melvin P. Tinaco, ESBO Asst. Treasurer followed by an opening remarks delivered by Engr. Jaime Cuanan, the ESBO adviser. He talked about the importance of team building. After that, Dr. Franco C. Flores, the Dean of theCollegeofEngineering, delivered his inspirational message.

The next part of the program was full of fun and excitement.  Games such as  Amazing Race, Message Relay, Longest Line, Egg-Catching, Matching and Malong-Malong were played among the officers. The activity won’t be enjoyable without “salo-salo”.  The officers had fun with the games because each of them participated and cooperated for their team to win. Some were shouting, others were cheering on their team. It was fun, really fun.

After the tiring but enjoyable activity,  Juvy Mae I. Vincent, the ESBO President delivered her Closing Remarks. The activity ended at 3:00 in the afternoon, with the blessing of the Almighty . The event was indeed a success

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