By: Stephen Russel Zapico, RN


It is rainy season once again and it holds worries for all of us because when rain comes, well, you know already what will be the next. The Flood…

Every area in the urban city of Cagayan de Oro is risk for flooding. When just 2-3 hours of rain it is already a disaster and now a burden for everybody. Work and classes were suspended, transportation are hard to find. A lot of diversion route were made but still stuck on a messy place that was caused by the flood and rain. So, where will the people go? Of course they will find ways to get home, no other option but to wade around and expose them in contaminated water.

Exposure to contaminated waters place us at risk of having Leptospirosis- It is an infectious bacterial disease that occurs from rodents, dogs and other mammals that can be transmitted to humans. Disease transmission from contact of skin or mucous membrane from contaminated water with urine from an infected animal from swimming or wading in floodwaters.

When a person is exposed from contaminated water from swimming and wading from floodwaters, it is consider as Post exposure. If you experience some of the following manifestation like having a fever for at least 2 days and two or more symptoms present like muscle pain, chills, abdominal pain, headaches, yellowish discoloration of skin and small amount of urine (<400-500ml) for 24 hours. Seek for a consultation in nearby medical clinics or hospitals for early treatment and management.

Antibiotics will be given for post exposure, like Doxycycline a chemo prophylactic agent for Leptospirosis. This can be started as soon as possible for diagnosed individuals. Continuous monitoring for him or her in fever or other flu like symptoms and should wear personal protective measures.

Furthermore, it is best to be aware and knowledgeable on what areas are at risk for flooding and avoidance to contaminated waters. Best way is to educate every community around and prepare for anything that may arise. Health is wealth as they say; let us be attentive and smart enough to eliminate illness. You can escape Leptospirosis, as long you know what are the protective measures to be done, to escape morbidity and death.


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