CU Criminology produced medals in the 2nd Loyola Cup Inter-School Karate Tournament


 The JKA-Nihon Karate Kyokai Cagayan de Oro branch in commemoration of JKA Cagayan de Oro’s  30th Anniversary hosted a karate tournament under the leadership of Shihan Emmanuel V. Dongallo, founder and Senior Instructor, who spearheaded the 2nd Loyola Inter-School Karate Tournament held at Xavier University last December 9, 2018.Different schools were invited to join in the friendship games of karate-do where different chapters and clubs were encouraged to showcase their skills in friendly competition.

Adopting the motto of MindanaoPeace Game, “Kalaro. Kasama. Kaibigan”, the tournament aims to promote camaraderie among participants. Shihan Dongallo highlighted that the competition played an important role in the development of karate as an art and as a sport to its practitioners, whereby contributing their talent and skill in this friendly game.

Capitol University College of Criminology was able to hold its own against the finest players among other participating schools in Cagayan de Oro, earning one gold medal and one bronze medal across different categories and division. The College of Criminology represented Capitol University to compete in thetournament along with elite players from Xavier University, Phinma-Cagayan de Oro College, Southern Philippine College, and Pilgrim Christian College in the tertiary level.




Jan Burt Mordeno and Franz Jumar Java, both CU Criminology freshmen, made a remarkable achievement in showing discipline and skills to represent the school in the said tournament.

Being the only beginner in the Senior Men’s Division, they were able to amaze the judges as well as their fellow participants in extending courtesy and played  calm and cool during the most anticipated event.

Armed only with their skills gained from their karate class, rigorous training, proper guidance from their coach, and determination to face the risk of injury, they were able to conquer their fear during their first inter school karate exposure.

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