CU and DOST for Business Development thru Technology: the Third Time Around



The Capitol University [CU] Business Development and Management Program [BDMP] for the Graduate School entered for the third time an agreement with the Department of Science and Technology [DOST] Region 10 for the annual project BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT THROUGH TECHNOLOGY FOR MSME COMPETITIVENESS: A CU-DOST PARTNERSHIP.

 The partnership will see the DOST R10 to provide technical and technology inputs  to the business development and management courses of CU, particularly the MGT207 Planning and Strategic Management, in terms of the preparation of a Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and development of a Project Proposal in line with the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) and other programs that encourage micro, small, and medium enterprises [MSMEs] within the region to upgrade their technologies. Through this renewed alliance, DOST R10 can once again provide a venue where CU graduate school students can apply strategic planning knowledge and skills in technology needs assessment [TNA] and development of project proposal to live cases of MSMEs that can possibly be funded under the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program [SETUP] of the DOST.

 On the other hand, CU BDMP|GS shall enable students of courses, particularly MGT207Planning and Strategic Management, to develop and apply planning and strategic management skills primarily through their exposure to a live case study with the MSMEs and to design strategy choices as well as business decisions towards an organization’s vision and objectives. Also an extension service of the graduate students, the partnership may provide MSMEs that are qualified for SETUP a better access to the innovation support package through the development and delivery by MGT207 Planning and Strategic Management students of a Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and a Project Proposal by the final period of the course, which they will defend before a panel composed of DOST-10 officials.

 Theagreement was signed last July 13 at the CU Mini Theater during the Graduate School General Assembly and Orientation Day by DOST-10 Regional Director Alfonso Alamban and Capitol University President, Atty. Casimiro Juarez Jr. Standing as witnesses are DOST-10 Technical Services Division Chief, Engr. RomelaRatilla, and Capitol University BDMP Director, Dr. Heidi Grace Mendoza, who conceptualized the project which started in 2017.

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