With the demand for the nursing profession taking a global dimension, the need for continued improvement of education and training, through a quality-driven nursing program, has become essential. The College of Nursing has established a culture of excellence to be imbibed by the nursing students to promote such continued improvements.

I. Vision

The Capitol University College of Nursing envisions to be recognized as a leading learner-centered educational institution that produces excellent, competent, and proficient professional nurses capable of enhancing holistic health for the quality of life among diverse communities in a global society.

II. Mission

The College of Nursing supports the mission of the University to facilitate the development and transformation of students into globally competent nurses by providing world-class instruction and facilities.

III. Core Values

In order to meet the highest standards of care in the ethical conduct of nursing, the College of Nursing commits to adopt the following Seven Core Values:

CARE: To care for one’s fellowmen is the very core of the Filipino nursing    psyche and for which Filipino nurses are known for. It is central to the health and healing processes and is vital to the emotional well-being of the patients. Caring is predicated upon the intrinsic motivation anchored on love for the profession and compassion for the sick.

ADVOCACY: Advocacy encompasses the commitment to support and collaboratively initiate health policies, programs and practices that are essential to societal health and development.

PROFESSIONALISM: Professionalism reflects how it impacts on the nursing practice. It represents a more–than–ordinary commitment to perform a particular kind of activity– an avowal of a special sort of devotion or dedication reflective of one’s accountability in the nursing profession.

INTEGRITY: In the context of present-day challenges, integrity is a much-needed value which seeks for the quality of being honest and ethical and having the moral standard to ever uphold what is right, especially in the defense of human life and the integrity of creation.

TEAMWORK: In the practice of the nursing profession, teamwork is the vehicle towards effective service in bringing out the best by working as an organization.

OBEDIENCE: Obedience to the Code of Conduct and the rules and regulations of the organization is not merely acknowledging the laws, the set of rules, and the sphere of authority. It also carries with it the steadfast commitment to perform one’s obligations in accordance with the standards of the profession.

LOVE: Nursing as a practice discipline is anchored on the unconditional love to serve those who are suffering, as exemplified by Florence Nightingale who is acknowledged as having elevated and dignified the nursing career to the status of a divine calling.


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