Name: Fe R. Juarez, Ph.D.
Designation: University Registrar
E-mail: ferjuarez@g.cu.edu.ph
Contact Information: (088) 856.42.62


Name: Corazon S. Pagara, MBM
Designation: Assistant University Registrar and CME Registrar
E-mail: cucdoregistrar@gmail.com
Contact Information: (08822) 72.33.49 local 267; (088) 856.11.65


In line with the vision, mission and objectives of the Capitol University – the Registrar’s Office seeks to attain the following objectives:


General Objectives of the Registrar’s Office

To maintain an effective and efficient system of student records management, security and storage.

Specific Objectives:

1. To develop and maintain an effective system of student record management, which shall include credential evaluation, assessment, processing, document verification, filing and storage.

2. To continuously upgrade registrar personnel capability to enable them to cope with developments and trends in student record management and safekeeping.

3. To establish closer linkages with the Commission on Higher Education, the Professional Regulation Commission and other government agencies including other academic institutions concerned where students records are needed or required.

4. To be actively involved in organizations for school registrars and participate in conferences, seminars and other similar activities that are designed to enhance and improve the delivery of services in the Registrar’s Office.

5. To coordinate closely with the CU Deans and Heads of the various departments in the University on matters relative to student credentials and grades.


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