Enhanced Quality of Life of the Filipinos through a globally recognized learning environment.


Capitol University is committed to develop the youth into “Total Persons”, mature and responsible individuals who are intellectually, professionally, and technically competent, imbued with desirable attitudes, and steeped in moral and spiritual values, who will serve as catalyst for social transformation.

Institutional Objectives

Integral to the attainment of its mission, Capitol University commits itself to:

A.  Provide quality education that responds to the challenge of producing globally competitive graduates.
B.  Provide academic programs for students that would enrich their educational experience.
C.  Strengthen and perpetuate the institutional culture of research.
D.  Empower the students to apply their knowledge and skills in serving others through a vigorous community extension program.
E.  Promote the best uses of Information Technology in aid of instruction, research and community extension.
F.  Inculcate values, virtues, and develop an expanded sense of culture and appreciation for the arts among the student body.
G. Instill the culture of peace as an avenue for promoting harmony and understanding among peoples.

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