A Brief History of the College of CRIMINOLOGY

Responding to our country’s need for disciplined, competent and committed graduates who will serve as public safety officers, sworn to maintain peace and order and ensure the safety and well being of the community, Capitol University, (then Cagayan Capitol College), opened the Bachelor of Science in Criminology program in 1994. The opening of the BS Criminology Program completed the ladderized two-years Associate in Police Science and Technology course.

Two years after its opening in 1994, the CU BS Criminology program was granted recognition by the Commission on Higher Education. The grant of recognition by CHED evidenced the quality of instruction offered by the CU College of Criminology.

As the years passed, the CU College of Criminology progressed significantly. The increased enrolment and the countless accomplishments marked by awards, mirrored the public’s appreciation of the program. The recognition was further bolstered by the grant of the Center of Development status by CHED in 2010. To further ensure continuity of performance, the College of Criminology submitted itself to PACUCOA Accreditation, and by February 2014, it was granted Level II Accreditation.

After more than two decades the CU Criminology has contributed a good number of licensed Criminologists who are now serving and holding key positions in various government entities, such as the Philippine National Police, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology,  Bureau of Fire Protection, the Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency,National Bureau of Investigation and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. There are also those who opted to stay in the academe as instructors and those working in firms as security and safety advisers.

Today, the CU College of Criminology stands tall for all that it has attained and looks forward, confident and resolute, to pursue and continue on with its mission of providing the community with competent and morally upright professionals.

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