Mrs. Chorieta L. Valerio

Director, Libraries

CU Library Facilities Then… Learning Commons


Libraries existed as a depository collection of knowledge. In the advent of technology, printed books still play a critical role in supporting learners, but digital technologies offer additional pathways to learning and content acquisition. Today’s library is not simply for access of information. It requires a place that encourages participatory learning and allows for co-construction of understanding from a variety of sources. In other words, libraries are becoming a learning commons.

Capitol University Library is advancing towards the modern learning commons environment. It is a wifi ready, conducive and comfortable for learning with the variety of modern couches, tables, chairs, variety of resources with the state of the art facilities. With its new set and arrangement itcan accommodate student with a more barrier-free space in terms of student use, and an innovative space while doing research projects, studies and paper works.

Believing that no amount of expense can equate with satisfying the library clients, therefore, having a modern learning environment is achievable just to address the library user’s needs, where the design would reflect the innovations that are going on inside the campus.


Electronic Resource Section

 Circulation Section

 Filipiniana / Gen. Reference / Special Collection, Archive  and  SHS Section

  Technical   Section

Director  Section

 NANUME (Nautical , Nursing, Marine and Engineering)   Section

 Periodicals  Section

 Graduate School Section

 Audio-Visual Resource Section

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