2/M Mark Anthony Y. Badiang

Acting Dean-CME
(08822) 726-136 local 295

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The College of Maritime Education is composed of two academic departments established in 1974. [The Marine Transportation and The Marine Engineering Department.] In congruence with the mission of Capitol University to develop “Total Persons”, the college has consistently and successfully pursued the mission of producing highly-trained and well-equipped graduates to become competent Merchant Marine Officers duly qualified under domestic and international standards.

Why study at the College of Maritime Education

Being committed to excellence, the College, continuously improves its physical plant and facilities with the acquisition of the latest Poseidon ARPA / RADAR and GMDSS simulation system, including the Integrated Bridge Console for the Marine Transportation department as well as the Engine Control Console for the Marine Engineering Department. Library holdings on Maritime education are updated and includes various electronic journals of maritime entities around the world. With these continual improvements is the continuing upgrade of the competencies of its faculty and active involvement in research and extension.

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