College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is composed of professional learning communities in three (3) departments: English and Humanities Department, Science and Math, and Social and Behavioral Sciences, which are dedicated to add value to the university with a sense of ownership; focus on quality learning by seeking continuous improvement; and synchronize with change. This holds true as a social contract with the CU top management who continuously share rewards; encourage self-determination; promote personal growth; and implement social responsibility.

Vision Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences molds leaders, thinker and doers for social transformation and global progress.

Mission Statement

 Anchored on the pursuit of total human formation, the College of Arts and Sciences engages the students in the dynamic Liberal Arts education, equipping future leaders and thinkers with global competence, cultivating creativity and innovation, and inculcating moral values, patriotism, social and environmental responsibility.

 CAS Statement of Commitment

As members of the CAS Faculty, we hope to form our students with care and competence. We are committed to produce thoughtful graduates who understand themselves, abide by the code of ethics, appreciate arts and communicate purposively in the mother tongue and foreign languages.  In a contemporary world, these graduates are able to apply mathematics as a tool in science and technology for society.  Moreover, they are holistic individuals inculcating the culture    and traditions depicted from the readings of Philippine history.  Hence, the graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences are expected to be thinkers, doers, and molders for social transformation emulating the life and works of Rizal

What makes your College Special?

AB English is provided with globally competitive teaching and learning environments in the form of the Speech Laboratories, Review and Tutorial Laboratory, Computer Assisted Language Learning Laboratories; use of the latest trends in language pedagogy; exposure to literary artists; technical and creative writing and public speaking; endeavor into research and community extension activities. This program especially puts emphasis on effective, creative and productive communication: interpersonally (in dyadic, small group and mass), with or without the use of multimedia.

Do you have dreams of becoming a Writer, a College Professor, a Lawyer or would you like to acquire higher levels of English Proficiency?

Capitol University suggests you take, AB English. AB English helps you explore universal human experiences vicariously through texts exploration and interpretation originating from the different continents of the world; and encourages creation and production of written and oral outputs both analytical and creative as evidences of in depth literary readings and English language studies. AB English is also the home of the latest instructional materials in the form of educational technologies in the CALL 1, 2 and 3 Labs. The Faculty members with strong academic background ensure a strong knowledge base; and the state of the art facilities ensure a strong skill based training in which students from other countries and the locality merely need to set their compasses anchored on the core values of culture, character, competence and commitment to synchronize themselves with the benefits of a globally competitive teaching and learning environment.


 The Job Enabling English Program (JEEP) integrated in the general education program in English facilitates the development of English Proficiency among students with the use of Computer Assisted Language Learning and Task-Based Instruction (TBI,) which make use of the state of the art educational technology, encouraging lifelong English language acquisition learning among the students to be effective in workplace communication.

CAS encourages the development of the students’ communication skills in varied interpersonal contexts in English in order to be globally competitive in the international labor market.






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