Seeing the need to avert possible blood shortage in the Mindanao Regional Blood Center, Capitol University Alumni initiated a Mobile Blood Donation (MBD) last April 20, 2012 at the Nursing Lobby.

A total of 45 blood bags were collected with 40 coming from College of Maritime Education (CME) and the rest from College of Business Administration (CBA).

CU Alumni Director 2/M Manuel Suganob (2nd from Left) and Dr. Claire Paglinawan (2nd from Right) is joined by Red Cross Volunteers and Donors

This is actually the 4th Blood Letting Activity in as many months in 2012.

The first one was on the first week of January, in partnership with GMA Kapuso Foundation – aiming to supply blood needs for the Sendong victims.

The next was on February 14 during the CU’s 41st birthday. A total of 101 blood donors with majority came from the CME. A group of Alumni Board Director Vierne Santi Pimentel, Navy Reservists Group, donated at least 20 blood bags.

The third activity was co-sponsored by College of Criminology where 56 qualified students from their department successfully donated blood.

The Alumni whose board members are also perennial blood donors is encouraging departments or recognized campus organization to organizing MBDs.

Director Noli dela Rita has donated 28 times and was awarded as “Bronze Medalist” when he had his 25th donation last year. Director Pimentel, donated two (2) times, Director Suganob three (3) times and Director Minoza, donated for the first time during the CU 41st Anniversary MBD.

This writer has donated 16 times and was recognized as “Blood Gallooner “during the 2010 Blood Services Award.

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