College of  Business Administration

Some people write in diaries to express themselves with freedom. Research however is proactive. It makes humanity free from thought, fear, hunger, and ignorance of the dangers that lie ahead. It will always lead into something right or, sometimes bad if done without deep discernment. As the Lord of the Rings says “There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly find something, if you look, but it is not always quite something you were after”. The college of business administration sees there is something incredible waiting to be known, research is crucial undertaking in shaping our bright future.

On that precept, the college undertook researches by students and faculty separately, or in collaborative efforts according to the institutional, national, and international priority research agenda.  Just recently, the college garnered several awards and recognition from research organizations at the national and international level. At the institutional level, a funded research,  “Spending Pattern Of The College Students Of Capitol University: Basis For Financial Literacy Program” won one of  the Best Research Award. This research was a collaborative effort  between a faculty and five junior business administration students. Another collaborative research
“ Strengthening the On Line Culture in the Philippines”.was considered for international presentation and publication. The proponents of this research included one faculty of the college and five Junior business administration students.  The college also received a funded research “Math and English Competency of the College Students of Business Administration: Basis For An Early Intervention Program” This research was conducted in collaboration with two English and Math professors from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Moreover, an individual faculty research “Barangay and Household Income Of Two Rural Communities of Northern Mindanao: Some Preliminary Insights” bagged the “Platinum Award” in the 7th national research conference for best research presentor hosted by the Philippine Association For Institutional Research. This was published in the university’s journal for human development: Progressio. A year after, the same faculty bagged Platinum Award on his research “Consumer Utility Function: Initial Findings Through Lagrange Optimization Method” during the Asian Conference For Multidisciplinary Research.  This research was published in International Association Of Multidisciplinary Research journal. Over the past few years, the college has its own journal “Ventures Journal”, published regularly and accessible on line in Philippine e- Journal. This  journal is read nationwide  whose contributors are professors from the various colleges and universities in the Philippines

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