U Conducts SUGCP’s Second Year

By Shella T. Galvez


Capitol University conducted the second year of Global Citizenship Program Overseas Training Course (SUGCP) which ran from February 5-13, 2012. The program was highlighted by the participation of 27 Japanese Soka students from Tokyo, Japan, together with Prof. Akio Nishiura, Dean of School for Excellence in Ecuation; Dr. Mitsuki Chikasada, Lecturer, Department of Economics; and Ms. Yumi Oshida, Nurse.

The purpose of the program was the same of the last year. it includes the improvement of the Japanese student’s English communication skills, understand variety of cultures, values and global issues, and development of the ability in research and presentation skills in research.

A series of lectures on data gathering techniques, critical thinking, quantitative and qualitative reasoning and analysis were discussed by Dr. Francis Thaise A. Cimene, Dean of the graduate school; Dr. Numer G. Escalante Jr, CU Research Coordinator; Prof. Noel C. Alegre, Cu Research Extension Officer. While Dr. Janet Parpa, Prof. Dorcas Bandiala and Prof. Jannith Gumanid discussed about presentation skills.

“Before arriving, they (Japanese students) already e-mailed their research to their respective research mentors” Prof. Jannith Gumanid, Training Director, have said.

The students were divided by six groups with different research topics. The topics included the Philippines’ bilingual education, nurses abroad. catholic religion, OFWs, decreasing rice self-sufficiency, and effects of child labor.

Below is the list of training participants by group, and topic with their respective mentors and research aides who are from this University:

Oasis (Effects of Child Labor: Why is learning attainment low?)

Mentor: Dr. Martiniano Jake Neri III

Research Aide: Clairvy Torayno

Misaki Wakai

Kanta Fujiwara

Satoko Konno

Ai Ishiwaka

Aitic (What can we learn from the bilingual education in the Philippines for Japanese primary education?)

Mentor: Dr. Jerry G. Role

Research Aide: Johayra Pangandaman

Hazuki Yamashita

Misato Abe

Sachiyo Takazawa

Toshiyuki Kanomata

Aid (Filipino Nurses Working Abroa)

Mentor: Prof. Herlie B. Ontoy

Research Aide: Leah Marie Pomposo

Atsuko Iwaki

Satoshi Okada

Maki Kurokawa

Masatoshi Kikuchi

Kiyomi Ikenoue

Amiger (Why does unique faith exist among Filipino Catholics?)

Mentor: Prof. Noel Alegre

Research Aide: Michael Lucero

Takashi Kusaka

Honami Koyama

Kazusa Matsuo

Masaki Ogawa

Masao Shimizu

Lupz Mamamayan (What do Filipinos think about OFW’s, their jobs, and the Philippines?)

Mentor: Dr. Felixberto Condeza

Research Aide: Nihayra Pangandaman

Yuki Shigetomi

Aina Shibahara

Daiki Hagiwara

Miho Tanaka

Yuuji Gotou

Crops (Why rice self-sufficiency decreasing in the Philippines?)

Mentor: Prof. Ferdinand C. Paurom

Research Aide: Louella Yap-Buot

Mitsushiro Hirano

Takako Hirano

Takako Iwaki

Misa Houjo

Hiroto Kiyozumi


Below are the list of Awards and Awardees:

Best Research Group                                           Amiger Group

Best in Oral Presentation                                     Aid Group

Most Innoative Research Methodology           Lupa Mamamayan

Best Qualitative Analysis                                     Aitic Group

Best Quantitative Analysis                                  Crops Group

Best Group in Data Organization                       Oasis Group

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