The following is the general overview of procedures associated with the ETEEAP program. You milage may vary:

  1. Attend one ETEEAP orientation seminar. The seminars are scheduled every 9:00-11:00AM and 3:00-5:00pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  2. Pay the application/filling and processing fees.
  3. Secure ETEEAP application form form the ETEEAP office.
  4. Submit accomplished ETEEAP application form together with the required documents to the same office for preliminary evaluation.
  5. Present yourself for a preliminary interview, personality, teaching or work aptitude tests.
  6. Pay the professional/assessment fees at the cashier’s office.
  7. Present yourself for a panel interview.
  8. Prepare for Work site Visitation of Panel; prepare for a project presentation and/or skill demonstration.
  9. Enroll required supplementary courses to establish residence and/or to offset deficiencies.
  10. Make arrangement for mode of activity of supplementary courses with the faculty assigned to handle such courses.
  11. Pay the corresponding supplementary course fees required at the cashier’s office
  12. Submit final course requirements to faculty assigned to handle the courses.
  13. Apply for graduation. Pay the corresponding graduation fees at the cashier’s office.
  14. Secure a Clearance form from the ETEEAP office and accomplish it.
  15. Attend graduation rehearsals and graduation ceremony.
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