Children’s book on Disaster soon to be available

Capitol University is launching a book on Sendong this December 14. The book was thought of to codify a disaster experience, and to remind everyone to take on disaster preparedness seriously. Entitled Sa Kagab-ihon sa Sendong (On the Night of Sendong) the book contains 14 narratives of children survivors ageing 8-11. These children came from the hard-hit areas of Balulang, Carmen, Consolacion, and Macasandig.

Edited by CU faculty members Lilian C de la Peña and Dr Amor Q de Torres, the book is hardbound and it contains illustrations by CU students. Written in Sebuano but with English synopsis, it contains vivid descriptions of Sendong “gabundag ang tubig, murag gakasuko” as how Aubrey described it; with winds so strong that carried away Greamme’s cry for “tabang” or help. Desiree, Rona, and Ela May are children who struggled for their lives when their roofs collapsed that night. Jessa Mae transferred roof five times. Guendelyn, Rey Mark and Jack Lord had parents missing for some time, and they endured the anguish and thought of death. Michelle walked from Consolacion to Nazareno Church, and her faith strengthened when she got inside the church. Jessa Mae and Princess describe their lot in the evacuation center. Romryn Jun describes how he misses his mother and  three siblings who drowned that night. And Mary Rose who reached Camiguin Island on top of a mattress and whose mother and sibling are missing until now are forced in the evacuation center to accept his father’s decision to  marry again and to live in Davao, far away from her.

Cagayan de Oro’s experience with Sendong last year will forever be part of the city’s oral tradition. In admiration of the faith and courage of all children survivors of Sendong, Capitol University offers the book to them. Proceeds of the sale will go to the scholarship fund of these children. For inquiries, call +63-08822-726136 or 710995 local 284, 264, or email

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