By: Sayzon M. Verallo

The Capitol University Alumni Association and the Business Administration Student Body Organization together with the two Japanese People conducted a gift giving at Brgy. Consolacion last May 25, 2013. They distributed fabric and clothing which was repacked early in the morning by the volunteers.

After the repacking, they immediately went to the place and distributed the clothing materials. It was really an experience to the two Japanese people encountered people who are very eager to get some repacked clothing from the box. It was quite hot but the temperature did not stop the intention of the volunteers to give gifts although all the people there became harsh just to get a piece of cloth.

After the distribution, they went to Cagayan de Oro river. They dropped by along the river and made some spiritual ceremony headed by the Japanese people for the spirit who have not gone yet to heaven during the tragic event brought by typhoon Sendong last December 2011.

It was an amazing experience for them because they had provided somehow needed things for the people in Consolacion, ease their seeing not only Filipino had the chance to give gifts for them but also foreign people just like the Japanese.


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