By: Catherine P. Daño

            At last, the people most awaited face off of the best political re-electionist Mayor Emano and the former ally Mis. Or. Gov. Moreno fearlessly faced each other during the Candidates Forum (Eleksyon 2013) held last May 08, 2013 at Xavier University Gym.

            The two hour forum was participated by the students coming from City’s University especially the Capitol University. It is said to help the voters know their candidates in connection to their respective platforms. It is said that the forum hoped to contribute to the clean and fair election this May 13. The program was formally started at 2:00pm, and the two parties clashed with each other with their supporters as the forum started. They were asked to discuss and present their platforms on issues with the five (5) areas, namely: environment, good governance, peace & order, health & sanitation and food security. Each party was given 3 minutes to present their platforms and 1 minute to answer or react with the platforms discussed by the other party.

            Both fighting parties showed eagerness and enthusiasm in presenting their platforms, they criticized each other. The highlighted point that was discussed is all about food security and health. Both parties lashed and criticized each other with these two points and no wanted defeat. Supporters of both sides jeered to the important points that the candidates is trying to get across. Hon. Emano’s supporters scream in contempt when Gov. Moreno trtied to speak the same goes with Hon. Emano’s supporters showing the “L” sign.

            Both supporters of the two Mayoral Candidates continually made gestures with each other. The noise they were making turned out to be bombast.

            The forum was really impulsive yet very successful.

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