By: Benjie S. Estorgio

The essence of a boy in becoming a man is to undergo the process we called circumcision. Last Thursday, May 2, 2013, as Capitol University Medical Center (CUMC) celebrates it 37 years of providing quality health care to its people, conducted “Operation Tuli” with a target of 150 children ages 8-12 years old that are willing to be circumcised for free.  This activity was made possible in partnership with Rotary Club of Kalayaan and Capitol University Alumni Association (CUAA).

The activity started early at 7:30 in the morning. The recipient came from different places not just in Cagayan de Oro City but also some in Bukidnon. But most of them came from Brgy.Puntod; the barangay that we assisted, Brgy.Cugman, pupils of Capitol University Basic Education (CUBED) and dependents of CUMC workers. The recipient came early as expected. Many of the patients came together with their parents. Some are with their grandparents, Ate or Kuya. They are all excited as they support their boys as it embraces the gentlemen’s world. And as the recipient arrived, the CUMC staff nurses started the roll call and gave the priority number. After more than 70 children were being assessed, the doctors arrived and started the operation. Many of the children were happy excited. They don’t mind the pain that the operation might bring. But there are also some who cried already even though they are still at the waiting area. The staff nurse said that it must be in the child’s willingness to be circumcised and should not be force if it does not want to. So, few numbers of children quit and the vacant slot were filled up by those children who were not on the list but were willing to undergo the said operation.

The activity was indeed successful. We, the BASBO officer, as a concerned individual, also participated in the said activity by assisting the children and catering the parent’s questions and worries. We assisted the children in walking upstairs heading to the operating room. We also gave them good words in order for them to boost confidence. And after the operation, we again assisted them in walking downstairs. We also provided balloons for the patient and helped gave snacks, which was provided by the CUMC administration for the patients. We made this little effort just to ease the pain they might have felt during and after the operation. In general, the activity was successful and has served its purpose well.

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