The College of Business Administration Faculty members headed by its Dean, Dr. Elizabeth E. Figueroa in coordination with the Student Body Organization conducted a website training in the Faculty Office last June 6, 2013. The facilitator of the training was Mr. Clifford Jose G. Roa, the President of Capitol University Alumni Association. It was participated by the BA faculty members, the Dean and the President of the Student Body Organization.

The training was focused on the making of each Faculty member’s website. They made a website that could directly connect to facebook, could send an email directly to their respective email account and could provide feedback to students.

Mr. Roa said that the website was just a supplement for the information dissemination, inquiries and questions whenever the College or even the University has an activity that needs to be participated by the students.

With the advent of technology, the learning of the students is far away better than before but vulnerable to internet exposure that could give disadvantages on the studies of the students.


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