To provide additional access to the Internet, the Information Technology Department, Network Administration Unit deployed wireless routers to provide for the increasing demands for Internet connectivity in the University. As of the start of the first semester SY 2009-2010 thirteen (13) access points were installed in strategic areas in the campus. The WiFi service is available to students, faculty and staff free of charge. Interested users may register their WiFi-ready mobile devices (laptops, wireless adapters, cellphones) at the IT Help Desk 3rd floor Academic Building III.

The SSID (Service Set Identifier) for Capitol University is CU WiFi Zone. The IT Technical Support shall service and address issues related to wireless internet connectivity on the CU WiFi Zone SSID only. Technical problems caused by other WiFi Hotspots and other service providers shall not be covered by IT Technical Support.

The maximum signal range of the hotspots is 120 feet. However, interference, walls and barriers such as walls and rooms may limit the range of the WiFi device. Users’ concerns may be directed to the IT Help Desk.



1. Student should proceed to the IT Department 3rdFloor Academic Building III and present their Certificate of Registration
    and School ID to the IT Help Desk. Employees shall present their ID to the IT Help Desk.
2. Requisitioner proceeds to the Network Unit with their mobile equipment to the IT technical support.

3. The IT technical support inspects if a wireless adaptor is properly installed in the mobile equipment.

4. The Requisitioner fills-out the WiFi Application form.

5. The Network Unit configures the mobile equipment and then adds the MAC address of the unit to the DHCP server.

The requisitioner is assigned only one IP address per mobile  equipment.

CUWifi Registration Procedure

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