Capitol University Inquiry Service (CURIS) is a kiosk-like facility where CU students can access a variety of information and services. It allows students to view and print their grades, financial data and request for academic evaluation, enrolment and clearance processing.

The use of this facility is subject to the following conditions:

    • Students must be a registered user of cyber account services. Students may ask assistance from IT Helpdesk officer to have their accounts verified and/or activated.
    • Playing or messing around the kiosk is strictly prohibited; violation to this policy shall be subject for suspension.
    • Students must log-off after using the kiosk.
    • Student’s password is personal and strictly confidential. It should not be disclose to anyone. In case of breach of confidentiality, the University shall not be liable for any illegal act or unwanted access to the student personal and/or academic records.
    • Kiosk access is free; however, if students want to use the printing functionality, a corresponding fee shall be applied to the student’s account.
    • Charges shall be automaically posted to the student’s ledger account and shall be payable or due to every term examination.
  • Students must use this facility with care. Any act of sabotage shall be dealt with severity with a penalty and/or dropping from enrollment.

Fees for Printing and Processing Services

FEE Description AMOUNT
Certificate of Registration Printing Php5.00
Student Account Slip Printing Php5.00
Student Ledger Printing Php5.00
Enrolment Service and Printing Php15.00
Clearance Processing and Printing Php10.00


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