Principal of School of Midwifery
Tel. No. 08822 – 711592


The School of Midwifery is responsible to promote higher standard of Midwifery practice and to enhance the competence of midwives.  It aims to train and develop students to become responsible individuals as they perform their duties and responsibilities. And also, it aims to provide excellent health care services for women, family and also the community.

The School of Midwifery’s two-year program balances the academic with the practical and prepares our graduates to become competent midwives. The School’s philosophy emphasizes returning birth to the family and embrace cutting-edge midwifery practice that elevates the consciousness around birth and challenges. It also offers incredible and innovative techniques and options suitable for training. Also, this college is special because of all universities based in Cagayan de Oro City; Capitol University is the only one offering midwifery program.

As Principal of the School of Midwifery, I am encouraging you to enroll in this program for it has been said that midwives are the “front-line health workers” of the community. Capitol University ensures everyone in providing higher education and standard of midwifery practice and it will help everyone to develop in becoming responsible individuals which is required for global competitiveness. Your entry into this program has a great significance. You can help uplift the health condition especially to the disadvantaged community and you have a big role in community empowerment.

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