Capitol University Publications Office takes charge of all the printing requirements of the University, particularly textbooks and workbooks, exam papers, and journals. It manages the University’s refereed journals, including the faculty journal Progressio Journal on Human Development and the students’ journal Convergence. The Publications Office works with the academic faculty and scholars from other universities as expert reviewers in maintaining these journals.

            The Publications Office is also contracted to manage and print books authored by non Capitol University employees. Notable works include A Nation of Zombies (Manuel E Valdehuesa Jr, 2009) and Defining Success Stories of 50 Farmer Entrepreneurs (KPMFI, Inc., 2009). And in 2012, it published Sa Kagabhion sa Sendong (On the Night of Sendong) Narratives of Children Survivor (Lilian C de la Peña and Amor Q de Torres). Textbooks and manuals published include Electronic Navigation A Laboratory Manual,” “Celestial Navigation Workbook,” “Merchant Ships Search and Rescue: A laboratory manual, “ “Terrestrial Navigation Manual,” “Seamanship Manual.”




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