Auditorium with seating capacity of 1,800 persons Big Ceiling Fans and Full Sound System P 6, 210.00 for the first two hours plus P 402.50/hour for the succeeding hours of use
Conference Hall with seating capacity of 180 persons With Aircon P 1, 380.00/hr.
Without Aircon P 260.00/hr.
Sound System P 2, 300.00/use
CU Multi-Purpose Hall with seating capacity of 350 persons P 402.50/hr.
Sound System P 2, 300.00/use
Audio Visual RoomWith seating of 50 persons

The Following AVR’s can be merged:


AVR 1 – AVR 2

AVR 3 – AVR 4

AVR 7 – AVR 8

AVR 1 P 300.00/hr.
AVR 2 P 300.00/hr.
AVR 3 P 270.00/hr.
AVR 4 P 270.00/hr.
AVR 5 P 240.00/hr.
AVR 6 P 240.00/hr.
AVR 7 P 270.00/hr.
AVR 8 P 240.00/hr.
Tables P18.00/pc.
Chairs P 5.75/pc.
Mini-Theatre with seating capacity of 550 persons With Aircon P 5, 750.00/hr.
Without Aircon P 2,300.00/hr.
Projector P 600.00/hr.
Note: For personal LCD projector, electricity usage P 11.50/hr.
Classroom P 345.000/room-day
Executive Lounge 500.00/hr.
Production Laboratory With Aircon P180.00/hr.
Without Aircon (Fan only) P 115.00/hr.
Railings P 30.00/railing
Far Led Lights P 69.00/hr.
Simulation Room With Aircon P 300.00/hr.
Without Aircon P 240.00/hr.
Fundamental Laboratory P 230.00/hr.
Cheerleading Mats 70 pieces (1set) P 9, 200.00/set
Computer Laboratory P 600.00/hr.
Basketball Court, Volleyball Court/Grounds P 240.00/hr.
Balls P 10.00/ball/hr.



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