The BSMT Program is a FOUR-YEAR COURSE that leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation.  The curricular structure is THREE (3) YEARS academics and ONE (1) Year Practicum or Shipboard Training.    The academic phase of three (3) years is undertaken in the school and the one (1) year shipboard training phase is undertaken on board a commercial vessel of not less than 500 GROSS TONS.

The Shipboard Training phase of one  (1) year an integral part of the BSMT Curriculum must be duly enrolled, supervise and assess otherwise, the Cadet is not eligible for graduation from the BSMT program. It is structured and monitored by the Shipboard Training Officer (STO) and may be undertaken after the Cadet has finished the three (3) year academic phase under the 3 – 1 concept.

The CU-CME-BSMT Cadet is forewarned that to insure a continuity of his studies from the academic phase to the Shipboard Training phase, he must study hard and prepare right from the first year to pass the qualifying examinations given by shipping/manning companies for the Cadetship Shipboard Training Program.

What comes after completing the course?

A graduate of this course enjoys the privilege of employment with overseas-based shipping companies

At sea, Merchant Marine Officers are employed in Navigation capacity on the whole range of sea-going vessels. These include the following major types:

  • Oil, Gas and Chemical tankers
  • Bulk cargo carriers
  • Cargo, Container ships, Feeders
  • Fishing vessels
  • Ferries and cruise ships
  • Offshore support vessels
  • Car Carriers

Ashore, they may work in a management, administrative or operational role across a wide range of business and commerce. Employers include:

  • Shipping companies
  • Marine insurance companies
  • Maritime regulatory authorities
  • Maritime training, Maritime schools and academies
  • Recruitment companies
  • Port operations, Port Agency , including Pilotage
  • Other opportunities; as shipping business is very broad and covers 90 percent of world trade
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