Capitol University-Campus Ministry is an office which caters religious activities and spiritual upliftment for students, teaching and non-teaching staff. It organize and facilitate all the formations related to character development and moral values for the transformation of the well-being of a person, to be more loving human, develop personal relationship with God, self and others.


The Capitol University Campus Ministry is formed and envisioned with the task of nurturing the spiritual life of the University community, which is necessary for a meaningful existence in a rapidly changing social milieu.


Its goal is to foster the total personal and spiritual development of each individual according to one’s professed religious beliefs in order to become agents of communion of faith, hope and love in the Campus and in the society at large.


The Capitol University Campus Ministry aims for integral (spiritual, socio-cultural, psycho-emotional) upliftment of the students, teaching and non-teaching staff in living and building authentic communities of faith, hope and love.
1. To grow in the knowledge and love of God through Liturgical services, recollections, retreats, seminars
and workshops.
2. To call on and encourage members of the University community to share their God-given talents and to minister to other’s needs by responsible and active participation in Campus Ministry activities.
3. To provide opportunities for members of the University community to deepen their understanding of their own religious beliefs in order to authentically lived it out in their daily lives.
4. To program ecumenical activities and interfaith dialogue in order to enrich each other’s spiritual life and foster communion among CU students, teaching and non-teaching staff of different religious affiliation.
5. To facilitate the spiritual and emotional maturity of each member of the University community through the spiritual direction, guidance and counseling.


• Prepare Operational Quality Plan and implement programs approved by the University President upon the recommendation of the DSAS
• Prepare meaningful and solemn liturgical celebrations in the campus

 Holy Spirit Mass
 Wednesday Masses
 First Friday Masses
 Other special occasions and as requested by the college/department
 Facilitate the receptions of the sacraments to catholic believers

• Facilitate one-day recollection to the faculty, non-teaching personnel and students
• Facilitate on-going formation to

 Eucharistic Ministers
 Altar Servers
 Campus Ministry Volunteers

• Facilitate Bible sharing and prayer sessions to different groups
• Facilitate monthly meetings of recognized religious organizations
• Facilitate monthly meetings of recognized religious organizations
• Facilitate interfaith dialogue among students – religious organizations
• Implement the 5 “S” audit and “Operation Linis”
• Assist students and any member of the community who needs individual consultation and spiritual direction and guidance
• Performs such other functions that may be assigned by the President thru the DSAS.


• Sacraments
– Regular Wednesday Masses
– First Friday Masses
– Special Masses (Requested by other colleges and departments)
– Confession
– Confirmation
• Religious Activities
– Taize Prayer/ Worship
– Marian Devotion (Month of October)
– Marian Pilgrimage
– Recollection (Students, Student Assistants, Faculty & Staff, Campus Ministry Volunteers)
– Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
– Outreach Program/ Apostolate
• Interfaith Celebration/Dialogue
• Spiritual Direction (SD)/ Individual Consultation (IC)
• On-going Values Formation (Students, Student Force, Campus Ministry Volunteers)


MEMC – (Maritime Education Melodic Circle)

YFC – (Youth for Christ)
PSALM – (Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement)
CUMSA – (Capitol University Muslim Students Association)

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