Recollection of the Campus Ministry Volunteers

The Campus Ministry Office organized a joint recollection for the Campus Ministry volunteers of the College and the CU Basic Education (CUBED), last June 25, 2017, Sunday at CUBED AVR and covered court, Gusa Campus. It was a whole day activity participated by 44 volunteers, 21 from CUBED, 8 from Senior High School and 15 from the College which include the 2 Lay Ministers (Staff). Sr. Divine Gamarcha, CM, the Spiritual Director of the University gave the input on “Communion.” The participants were again reminded of their commitment to serve the entire CU community, giving themselves selflessly and without expecting something in return. Part of the afternoon session was a simple acquaintance party for everyone to get to know each other and welcome gathering for the new members.

Also last June 28, 2017, Wednesday, the Campus Ministry Office installed 7 new Altar Servers and commissioned 2 new Lay Ministers from the College of Maritime Education. Msgr. Tex Legitimas officiated the Mass and installation which was held at the CU Ecumenical Chapel. The following are their names:

Altar Servers:

1. Cutamora, Carlo
2. Gavia, Rexonne Lloyd
3. Galdo, KimJhon
4. Maurin, Boris Michael
5. Oclarit, Vincent
6. Porras, Jun Aldrin
7. Pahayac, Maricel

Lay Ministers:
C/M Antonio Fabria
3/E NicoMacoy

 Last June 30, 2017, Friday, the Campus Ministry Office successfully spearheaded the celebration of the Holy Spirit Mass.  It was held in the University Gymnatorium and was attended by the Grade 11 Senior High School, University Administration and Faculty and Staff. There was a 30-minute presentation before the Mass, explaining to the students the purpose of having the Mass every beginning of the semester or the SY, and also to answer the common question of why it is called “Red Mass.”  Within the Mass and as practiced, the lay Ministers renew their commitment as Extra Ordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion. Msgr. Tex Legitimas, the University Chaplain, Presided the Celebration.






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