A.   Freshmen

The College of Education is making sure that those who will enter the teaching profession possess a reasonable high level of scholastic achievement, appropriate aptitudes, interests, and personality trails.

Therefore, those who would like to enroll in the College of Education must follow the following conditions:
1.  He or she must have a general average in his/her senior high school of 85% and above or its equivalent as evidenced in his/her report card (form 138).
2.  He or she must have a  general average of not less than 85% in Mathematics, English and Science.
3.  He or she must take and pass the entrance exam administered by the University’s testing center.
4.  He or she must pass the interview conducted by the admission/ screening committee of the College of Education.
5.  He or she must present his/her honorable dismissal with a certificate of Good Moral Character.

B.   Transferees

1.  Transferees who wish to be admitted to the College of Education must take and pass the Entrance Examination.
2. They should be evaluated according to the same requirements cited above:  (nos. 4 and 5)
3.  Credits for subjects will be based on the descriptive title of the College based on the current CMO.

C.   Returning Students

1.  Returnee students must follow the norms and curriculum enforced during the time of the enrolment.
2.  They must also pass the screening and interview set by the College.
3. An honorable dismissal should be presented before admission to the College with certificate of Good Moral Character.

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