Capitol University Accredited Programs by PACUCOA as of April 2019

Name of Institution : Capitol University
Institutional Head : Atty. Casimiro B. Juarez, Jr., President
Address : Cagayan de Oro City

Accredited ProgramsLevelDuration
1. Liberal ArtsLevel IVOctober 2017-2022
2. Bachelor of Elementary EducationLevel IVOctober 2017-2022
3. Business AdministrationLevel IVOctober 2017-2022
4. Mechanical EngineeringLevel IVOctober 2017-2022
5. NursingLevel IVJanuary 2019-2024
6. Civil EngineeringLevel III 1st RASeptember 2014-2019
7. Marine TransportationLevel III 1st RAAugust 2015-2020
8. Marine EngineeringLevel III 1st RAAugust 2015-2020
9. Master of Arts in FilipinoLevel III RAJanuary 2019-2024
10. Master of Arts in FilipinoLevel III RAJanuary 2019-2024
11. Master of Business ManagementLevel III RAJanuary 2019-2024
12. CriminologyLevel II 1st RAFebruary 2014-2019
13. Master of Arts in EducationLevel I FormalAugust 2016-2019

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