CU Embarks on Solar Energy Project in Collaboration with PUM Netherlands

On April 5, 2021, CU President Atty. Casimiro B. Juarez, Jr. announced the creation of the CU Solar Energy Project in collaboration with Programma Uitzending Managers (PUM).

Designated as Project Manager is Dr. Franco C. Flores, the CU Vice President for Administration. He is to be supported by the faculty and students of the College of Engineering and other members of the CU community to be selected by Dr. Flores. Dr. Amor Q. de Torres, CU Vice President for Academic Affairs, shall serve as Liaison Officer to link CU and PUM, having served as CU’s direct contact with PUM in previous projects. Finally, to provide the technical expertise for this project, Mr. Ruud Derks of PUM, who is an expert on solar energy, shall work closely with Dr. Flores.

This project aims to undertake a thorough study on the viability of using solar energy for CU’s light and power needs. In addition, the project also hopes to provide to our students, particularly in the College of Engineering, exposure on the basics and trends regarding solar energy technology.

The president enjoins the CU community to support the project to ensure a successful outcome.

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