CU-CME Borealis Navigation Simulator Upgrade

Capitol University College of Maritime Education (CU-CME) upgraded its Borealis Navigation Simulator (1 instructor station + 7 trainee station) from Poseidon Simulation. Borealis was the world’s first PC-based simulator for radar navigation training.  It has been developed through many stages and both smaller desktop solutions and full bridge setups are installed throughout the world. The upgraded Ship Bridge Simulator Room is located on the 4th floor of the CU-CME Building.

A Simulator Technical Training was conducted last May 27-28, 2021, and was attended by eleven (11) instructors from the CU-CME Marine Transportation Department to familiarize the instructors with the simulator operations such as the Poseidon Exercise Manager, Poseidon Maneuvering Manager, Poseidon Debriefing, Poseidon Virtual Control, Poseidon RADAR Simulator and the MARIS ECDIS. This is to comply with the STCW requirements (2.2 Section A-I/6-Training and Assessment (Mandatory) that if the training is being conducted using simulator, the instructor employed should have received appropriate guidance in instructional techniques involving the use of simulators, and have gained practical operational experience on the particular type of simulator being used for the training. Moreover, when assessment is done by using simulators, the assessor should have gained practical assessment experience on a particular type of simulator under the supervision and to the satisfaction of an experienced assessor.

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