Good Employment Rate for CS Batch 2020

Batch 2020 is a special graduating class as they are the first to have gone through their senior year amidst a global pandemic. On top of serious social, economic, and health concerns because of COVID-19, batch 2020 also had to deal with the rapid shift to online learning and the isolation of quarantine. In addition, because of the devastation that the pandemic has caused on many industries as well as the continuing quarantine, the graduates of 2020 have had difficulty securing employment.

Despite all of these, the CU-College of Computer Studies Batch 2020 had remarkable employment turnout. 9 out of the 13 graduates (70%) were able to secure jobs shortly after finishing their degrees in BS Information Technology. The graduates were  given the opportunity to join various IT related companies and make their ways as freelance developer, IT Quality Assurance specialist, Account Officer, and Graphic Designer.

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