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Capitol University Press is the official publishing house of Capitol University. It is administered as an academic unit of the University under the supervision of the Office of the Vice President for Operations, Planning and Development. It is the first full publishing house of any academic institution in Southern Philippines that exclusively employs its own state-of-the-art printing facility.

CU Press publishes academic publications for instruction not only for the university but for external promotions as well including other higher academic institutions in the region. The Press takes charge of the university newsletter, Columns, and the university peer-reviewed journal, Progressio.



Journal on Human Development

Progressio Journal

This is a peer-reviewed journal that comes out annually. Progresio follows the university’s vision by initiating discussions on various aspects of development studies. It furthers the professional interest of scholars by disseminating their research studies and showing its role and significance in improving the quality of life in the Philippines.

The journal accepts articles based on research. It accepts submissions that are multi-disciplinary but also those that speak about a particular discipline. Articles that emanate from both basic and applied research are also welcomed. Collaborative work from authors of various disciplines is especially encouraged, and contributions from international colleagues are welcomed.

Please mail your correspondence to the Editor-in-Chief Progressio Journal, Capitol University Publications Office, 4th Flr. IT Building, Corrales St.-Osmeña Ave., Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines Tel.063-08822-7216136 local 284, 269



CU Books for Sale at the Gift Shop

Japan Imagined Japan Imagined: Tale from a Bagobo Tagabawa Nikkeijin
By Marites A. Khanser and Lilian C. de la Peña

This is a novel about the nikkeijin, descendants of Japanese migrants to pre-Pacific War Philippines. The protagonist, a 20-year old Ondilin, struggles to deal with her shifting national identity as a Filipino belonging to the Bagobo Tagabawa indigenous community, and as a Japanese-Filipino descendant. A series of events in relation to her grandfather Impit’s nikkeijin claim as nisei – first generation descendant – propel her on a quest to uncover her family’s Japanese ancestry. Four generations of Tagabawa nikkeijin in this novel depict the plight of Philippine nikkeijin today in their claim to be recognized as Filipino-Japanese descendants.


A nation of Zombies A Nation of Zombies
By Manuel E. Valdehuesa, Jr.

This book about “trapo politics” and our people’s apathy and disconnect from nationahood is a must read for those in power, those who wish to be in political power, and even those who wish to initiate a sea of change for a better society and country. The wide range of research, experience and attention conducted by Manny Valdehuesa on what ails our society and people and how we can still recover from our sorry state focus on the fundamental unit of our society and government: the Barangay.

[Ramon B. Magsaysay, Jr.]



Defining Success Defining Success: Stories of 50 Farmer Entrepreneurs
By Katilingbanong Pamahandi sa Mindanaw Foundation, Inc.

This is a collection of stories of fifty small-scale farmers from Northern Mindanao, Philippines who participated in the Backyard Broiler Production Project of the NGO Katilingbanong Pamahandi sa Mindanaw Foundation, Inc. Emphasized in this book are the farmers’ individual experiences in sustaining the secondary livelihood and the formation of an entrepreneurial mindset in them which has reshaped their definition of livelihood and, as well as status in the community. The book is a significant addition to the growing literature nowadays to clearly provide the image of success, how it is said and lived.



Nautical Studies Workbooks


Navigation Workbook Celestial Navigation 1 Workbook
By Romeo B. Miñoza, Jr
 Terrestrial Navigation Terrestial Navigation 2: Laboratory Manual
By Mark Anthony Y. Badiang
 Merchant Ships Merchant Ships Search and Rescue Laboratory Manual
By Jose Jonald Y. Echeveria
  Seamanship 3 Laboratory Manual
By Mark Anthony Y. Badiang
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