Capitol University

As a wellspring of academic services to the Mindanao community, Capitol University is committed to conduct all its operations and the provision of services to its clientele with the highest possible standards of quality that is consistent with the resources at its disposal.

This commitment is reflected in the Vision, Mission, Institutional Objectives, and Core Values of the institution and across the full extent of all its activities. These range from the close alignment of the University’s major strategic initiatives contained in the University Strategic Plan to ongoing technical support for individual instruction, community extension, and research undertakings.

Capitol University’s commitment is highlighted by a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) that is integrated into all facets of its operations. The major elements of the ISO 9001:2008 international quality standards are the foundation of its QMS aimed at generating the development and implementation of the best institutional practice, continuous improvement of all its operations, as well as engendering and maintaining a quality culture and its awareness thereof among its entire staff.


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