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Capitol University

Capitol University Developing Total Persons

Vision, Mission & Objectives





Capitol University is committed to develop the youth into “Total Persons,” mature and responsible individuals who are intellectually, professionally, and technically competent, imbued with desirable attitudes, and steeped in moral and spiritual values, who will serve as catalyst for social transformation.


Outlined here are the overarching set of learning outcomes that all CU graduates shall attain regardless of their individual programs.

The CU graduate is a TOTAL PERSON who has internalized the university’s core values of Character, Competence, Commitment, Culture and Care.

A CU graduate shall:

  1. Have developed moral uprightness, self-discipline, and integrity.
  2. Manifest spirituality and faith in action through service of the people, and be enabler for positive change in society.
  3. Exhibit critical and creative thinking, proficiency in communication and information management, and an aptitude for technology and its applications.
  4. Display a mastery of professional and specialized knowledge, utilize this knowledge in real world settings, and engage in creative and innovative work.
  5. Show zeal and dedication in carrying out their duties and responsibilities to their self, family and country.
  6. Contribute to the preservation of the environment and actively work towards a sustainable ecological future.
  7. Show respect for diverse cultures, languages, and values, and promote a culture of peace by dismantling prejudice and injustice.
  8. Exhibit nationalism and a deep love for country, respect our Filipino heritage, and be an upstanding and engaged Filipino citizen.
  9. Show concern, kindness and respect for others founded on a sincere appreciation of the inherent value of each person.