Office Description

The Culture and Arts Office envisions a culture of awareness and appreciation in the arts, and is committed to encourage and strengthen the continued development of the diverse culture and arts in and beyond the University to preserve the Filipino cultural heritage.

List of Services Offered

The Office provides the following services:

  1. Collections and facility for historical and cultural exhibition
  2. Venue for art exhibitors and budding local artists
  3. Supervision of the Cultural Scholarship Program
  4. Grant performance requests for activities of offices, departments, and
    organizations inside and outside the University.
  5. Artistic direction in the areas of music, dance, visual arts, and other art forms by providing artistic inputs to clients in the facets of production and creative innovations.
  6. Dissemination of information related to culture and arts.


  • CU Glee Club (CUGC) Application Form
  • CU Dance Troupe (CUDT) Application Form

Contact Details

For Inquiries:

Benz Raquel Dugaduga
Head, Culture and Arts

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