Capitol University strives to develop the “Total Person”, one who has a strong foundation of integrity, courage, and moral virtue. CU prepares her students to be engaged catalysts of hope and change in challenging times by developing their social consciousness and ethical leadership skills.


CU seeks to transform students into professionals who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to enable them to respond to challenges and excel in the modern global arena.


CU’s Total Person is dedicated to excellence in all endeavors. CU ingrains among her students the value of hard work and a sense of responsibility, not only for their personal duties but also their role in the greater community. They know that the future of the country and the world rests in the work of their hands.


CU cultivates excellence in the arts, letters and scholarly pursuits for the enrichment of the Filipino nation. CU also fosters progressive and tolerant individuals who appreciate and respect diverse histories, beliefs, and identities.


CU engenders a culture of care characterized by showing concern, kindness, affection, and respect for other people. This begins by molding compassionate individuals with a sincere appreciation of the value of each person. Total Person development entails a balance between academic excellence and emotional intelligence, thus CU nurtures the capacities for high performance and high care.