The Circle represents the continuity of the “Total Persons” the University seeks to develop.

The Laurel represents victory, triumph and hope with the 32 leaves representing the 32 years of the institution’s existence as a college before it attained University status. Green symbolizes freshness and the continuous quest for knowledge.

The Crimson Red in the seal represents courage, bravery, sacrifice and indomitability of spirit; while White symbolizes purity.

The Human Figure with Outstretched arms towards the globe represents the “Total Person” the University aims to develop for the world.

The Globe represents the global community which the University aims to serve.

The Latin phrase “Progressio Integralis, Pro Deo et Hominibus” encapsulizes the mission of the University – “Total Person Development for God and Humanity.”

1971 indicates the founding year of the University in Cagayan de Oro City