Office Description

The Capitol University Research and Extension Office (CUREXO) is the research, innovation and extension arm of Capitol University. With its mission, CUREXO endeavors to strengthen the culture of research, innovation and extension work among the faculty members, staff/personnel and students in the service of the local and global society. With the goal of societal transformation, it pursues academic and research excellence, professionalism, and humane interaction with its network of relationships in a socially inclusive, gender-fair, empowered and resilient community (CUREXO Manual, 2015).

List of Services Offered

  • Research Consultancy
  • Data Collection and Processing
  • Research Training and Development
  • Monitoring and Impact Evaluation of Research/Development Projects
  • Mentoring
  • Statistical Consulting Services

Organizational Chart (SY 2020-2021)


  • Research Proposal Template
  • Service Request
  • Travel Expense Report
  • Liquidation Report
  • Research/Extension Documentation Report
  • Client Feedback Form
  • Community Entry Form
  • Action Plan
  • Program of Activities
  • Accomplishment Report
  • PPA Performance Documentation

Contact Details

For Inquiries:

Dr. Imelda G. Pagtolun-an
Head, CU Research & Extension Office

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