CU-CME Acquires Additional Ship Bridge Simulator

The Capitol University College of Maritime Education (CU-CME) acquired a Navigation Simulator (1 instructor station + 7 trainee station) from Applied Research International Pvt. Ltd. (ARI). The new Ship Bridge Simulator Room is located on the third floor of the CU-CME Building. With the additional stations, CU-CME can boost its carrying capacity as well as ensure that the competencies required from the students thru the aid of simulators will be achieved. To prepare the instructors to handle the Simulator, a Simulator Technical Training was conducted last February 11-12, 2021, and was attended by fourteen instructors from the CU-CME Marine Transportation Department. The objective of the training was to acquaint the instructors with the Simulators Instructor Editor, Conning Station, RADAR/ARPA, Navigational Aids and SIM Commander.

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